manufacture and design:
Ikonic Edge New Zealand

Finest New Zealand (Wanganui) thick 100% serge fine grain leather.

This offers excellent protection and durability. (note: this is not an imitation leather such as Koskin as commonly used for cases and consumer goods but 100% serge fine grain leather that will look even better with use over time)

Tan, Dark brown

Pad1, iPad2, iPad3

The 'ikonic edge' iPad handle is hand-crafted in New Zealand from luxurious 100% New Zealand leather. Ikonic Edge has now produced an elegantly sleek and minimalist handle cover especially designed for the iPad, and carefully constructed from two pieces of large, beautiful pure New Zealand fine grain leather. As well as the New Zealand soft protective leather, soft Microfibre lining is used for additional protection.

The iPad handle is ideal for those who like to take their iPad out and about without an additional carry bag. Simply slide your iPad into the easy access open sleave on top and you’re ready to head out.

The sleek compact design combined with the New Zealand grainy leather makes it feel and look like an elegant carrying bag which it is.

You will find that the Ikonic Edge handle with its clean lines, impeccable craftsmanship and superb leather gives you extraordinary value, providing absolute luxury at an absolutely affordable price!

Customer testimonials:

Arrived yesterday - Love the look and I can smell that leather. Nice to see its made so close to home as well. Thanking you!
Claire Cooper - Australia

Claire Cooper - Australia

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